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    'They Will Divide People...': Yogi Adityanath Slams Congress' Caste Census Proposal

    Inam Ansari
    May3/ 2024
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    Yogi Adityanath

    Sambhal: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Friday hit out at the Congress and Samajwadi party's alliance in UP, likening their partnership to a reckless driver of a tractor.
    "The alliance of Congress and Samajwadi Party is such, if you ask an inept person to drive a tractor, he will run over someone. '2 ladkon ki jodi yahi hai', Yogi Adityanath said while addressing an election rally in Sambhal.
    Training guns at the Samajwadi party, Yogi said that they had previously adorned mafias with garlands, targeted saints, and hindered efforts to ensure the safety of women and businessmen in the state.
    Yogi Adityanath criticized the Congress party for continuously bringing up the idea of conducting a caste survey in India. He suggested that this tactic is aimed at creating differences among different communities and ultimately expanding reservations to Muslims.
    "Reservations based on religion was the reason behind the partition of this country. Do Congress and the Samajwadi Party want the partition of the country? They say they'll do a caste census, for what? They will divide people based on caste and induce a fight amongst them and then they'll say to the people that first you need to resolve this issue, and by that time they will give your reservations to Muslims." Yogi said.
    The Indian National Congress, in its manifesto for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections pledged to carry out a census across the nation to identify and assess various castes, sub-castes, and their socio-economic status. Additionally, they proposed amending the Constitution to lift the 50 per cent limit on reservations for marginalized communities, including scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, and other backward classes.
    Further, slamming the opposition alliance, Yogi Adityanath said, "Neither can they provide you security, nor can provide respect to the country, neither can they benefit the poor, nor do they respect your faith, then why would you even elect them?"
    Uttar Pradesh is gearing up for another round of voting as the third phase of the ongoing general elections approaches. Scheduled for May 7, this phase will see ten Lok Sabha constituencies heading to the polls. These include Sambhal, Hathras, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Firozabad, Mainpuri, Etah, Badaun, Bareilly, and Aonla. —ANI