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    'Reassurance Is Biggest Support To Someone': Medical Experts On Health Condition Of 41 Workers Trapped In Silkyara Tunnel

    Inam Ansari
    November24/ 2023
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    Medical Experts On Health Condition Of 41 Workers

    Uttarkashi: On the matter of 41 workers being trapped in the Silkyara tunnel for 12 days, Medical experts have expressed concern about the health condition of the 41 workers.
    On November 12, a section of the under-construction tunnel from Silkyara to Barkot collapsed, trapping 41 labourers in debris on the Silkyara side. The trapped workers are in a 2 km-built portion, complete with concrete work for their safety.
    Jugal Kishore, Community Medicine, Safdarjung Hospital told ANI "Whenever it is seen that people get trapped in landslides or on mountains, they face both physical and mental problems. If it is too cold, frostbite may occur. Body temperature may decrease and Hypothermia may occur. I think the temperature will be maintained in the tunnel. that shouldn't be an issue. If the body does not get water or food for a long time, then electoral imbalance may occur which makes it difficult to walk and can bring difficulty in understanding things. There is also a risk of dehydration."
    He also expressed concern that due to the long time of 12 days, the muscles of the body become very weak due to which it may become difficult to even walk.
    "Due to being in the dark for so long, they may develop photophobia when they come out. Water will not have to be given orally but will have to be given through drip which will be more beneficial. We may need a chest specialist because all of them are in a composed and closed environment, so oxygen may have been reduced. If carbon dioxide increases, it can affect the ability to think. The carrying capacity of haemoglobin may also be affected," Jugal Kishore said.
    Further, Dinesh Kataria, Psychiatrist, Lady Hardinge Hospital said that 'Re-assurance is the biggest support to someone'.
    "If communication has been established with all of them, their mental condition will be much better than before. They all know each other too. All of them are being given reassurance. Minimum life support items are also being given. If there is already a problem with someone then there is a possibility of it increasing. Chances of Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) are less though but sleep problems and depression cannot be ruled out," Dinesh Kataria told ANI.
    Rescuers, using an American auger machine, resumed drilling on Tuesday and, by late Wednesday night, drilled through 45 meters of the 60-meter debris stretch blocking the Sikyara side of the tunnel.
    Lt General (Rtd) Syed Ata Hasnain of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) likened the rescue operation to a "war" with unpredictable timelines.
    "This operation is just like a war situation where one keeps guessing about enemy moves," he said.
    A total of 41 ambulances are stationed at the Silkyara tunnel site, with 31 from '108' and 10 provided by the administration, as informed by Mukesh Nautiyal, the project manager of the Operation 108 Ambulance initiative. —ANI