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    'Rahul Talks About Adani Every Day', Priyanka Gandhi Attacks PM After He Questioned Congress Silence On Adani-Ambani

    Inam Ansari
    May8/ 2024
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    Priyanka Gandhi

    Raebareli: Congress national general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Wednesday replied to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's attack on her brother and former Congress President Rahul Gandhi where he had questioned the Congress' silence on Adani-Ambani and questioned if there was a secret deal between the Congress and the industrialists.
    In an election rally in Rae Bareli, Priyanka Gandhi alleged that the Modi government has waived loans worth Rs 16 lakh crores of billionaires like Adani and Ambani, whereas farmers in Uttar Pradesh were committing suicide. "Today Narendra Modi said- Rahul Gandhi is not taking Adani's name. The truth is this- Rahul Gandhi talks about Adani every day, he puts the truth about Adani in front of you every day and exposes it. Rahul Gandhi tells you every day that Narendra Modi has a nexus with big industrialists. Narendra Modi waived off Rs 16 lakh crore of his friends but did not waive off a single rupee of the farmers. Narendra Modi should answer this," Priyanka Gandhi said.
    Earlier speaking at a rally in Telangana, PM Modi had said that for years the Congress' 'Shehzada' used to speak of '5 industrialists' and then he started to speak only of "Ambani and Adani" and now they are silent on them.
    "Since the election dates were declared, they (Rahul and other Congress leaders) have even stopped abusing Ambani, Adani. Why? I wish to ask the Shehzada of the Congress: how much black money have they received from Adani, Ambani? How much (funding) did the Congress receive from them for the (ongoing) elections? I smell something fishy here. The Congress should come out and clarify to the people," PM Modi had said.
    Meanwhile, in her election speech, Priyanka Gandhi further said, "Congress will take steps to stop paper leaks. The Agniveer scheme would be scrapped. The loans of the farmers would be waived. They have waived loans of billionaires but in UP farmers are committing suicide."
    She also promised that if Congress came to power the eldest woman in the house would get Rs 8,500 per month which amounts to Rs 1 lakh per year. "PM Modi provides 5 kg of rice but people cannot become self-sufficient with it. In Chhattisgarh Congress was giving 35 kg of food grain earlier. All the schemes are made for billionaires. This scheme would have been good if there were additional schemes on education and stopping the paper leak. The eldest woman in the family will get Rs 8,500 per month which amounts to Rs 1 lakh per year," she said. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra alleged that the BJP intended to change the constitution
    "BJP candidates are going everywhere and saying that if you vote for them, they would change the Constitution. They have bought the media with the help of their billionaire friends. They have weakened all institutions that were there to strengthen you. When Modi ji realised that this would harm them in elections, he said that they wouldn't change the Constitution. But what is the truth?" she said. Raebareli constituency goes to the polls on May 20. In the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, Congress leader Sonia Gandhi won the constituency, bagging 534,918 votes. Her closest rival, Dinesh Pratap Singh, put up a formidable challenge, gathering 367,740 votes. —ANI