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    'Opportunity To Introduce UP With Its Hospitality Culture': CM Yogi On Pran Pratishtha Programme On Jan 22

    Inam Ansari
    January20/ 2024
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    CM Yogi

    Ayodhya: Emphasising the importance of the upcoming Pran Pratishtha programme of Ram Mandir on January 22, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that this long-awaited ceremony is an opportunity to introduce Uttar Pradesh with its hospitality culture.
    In a series of tweets on X, the Chief Minister's office informed that efforts should be made to make Shri Ayodhyadham free from single-use plastic. "People from all over the world are going to come to Ayodhya. The behaviour of the policemen posted here will affect the image of the state. In such a situation, they should be counselled. This long-awaited ceremony of Pran Pratishta of the child-like idol of Ram Lalla is an opportunity to introduce Uttar Pradesh with its hospitality culture. Efforts should be made to make Shri Ayodhya Dham free from single-use plastic. In the Pran Pratishtha event, there is a programme of showering flowers on the 'Navya-Divya-Bhavya temple. Given this, communicate or coordinate with the officials of the Trust and the Air Force. Do not allow traffic on the old bridge of the Saryu River. Keep water police active in the Saryu River," CM Yogi said.
    Further, elaborating on the security arrangements, the Uttar Pradesh CM said that a liaison officer would be deployed with every VVIP.
    "Guests from India and abroad are arriving for the much-awaited program of Pran Pratishta of the child-like idol of Ram Lalla. There will be the presence of saints, religious leaders and dignitaries from all the provinces of India. Strong arrangements should be made for the security and respect of the dignitaries coming to participate in this occasion. A liaison officer should be deployed with every VVIP. Such people should be deployed in it who are familiar with the mythological, historical and geographical importance of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Mukti Yagya and Ayodhya Ji," he said.
    CM Yogi Adityanath added that after January 22, lakhs of devotees will arrive at Ayodhya every day. People will come from all the states of India. In such a situation, the situation must be assessed for the next six months and an action plan prepared. "Make a better plan for parking and traffic management for the January 22 celebration and beyond. Wide publicity should be given about route diversion. There should be adequate parking arrangements on the major roads connecting Ayodhya ji with different districts. There should be adequate availability of electric buses for the transportation of visitors. Make arrangements for their parking," he asserted. —ANI