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    'Just Like Implementation Of UCC In Uttarakhand, Sankalp Patra Will Fulfil All Vows': CM Dhami

    Inam Ansari
    April14/ 2024
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    CM Dhami

    Khatima: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami on Sunday participated in a public meeting in Khatima and said that the BJP's manifesto Sankalp Patra will fulfil all the promises, just like the implementation of Uniform Civil Code (UCC) in Uttarakhand.
    Addressing the rally, the CM hailed the day as auspicious and special. "Today is an auspicious day. It is the sixth day of Navratri and Dr. BR Ambedkar's birth anniversary. Today is a very special day. BJP launched Sankalp Patra... During 2022 Assembly elections, we had taken the resolution under the PM Modi's leadership that upon the formation of a new government in Uttarakhand, we will bring Uniform Civil Code for everyone, be it of any caste, creed, or religion... With your blessings, we formed the government and we fulfilled this guarantee of PM Modi with the approval of the President."
    Dhami also mentioned how the BJP's manifesto talks about the requirement of bringing UCC in the nation and put forward the example of Uttarakhand. "The BJP in their Sankalp Patra talks about the need of implementing UCC in the entire country... The way Ganga, Sharda, Yamuna from Uttarakhand provide water and life to the entire nation, in the same way, the Gangotri of Uttarakhand's UCC will lead the way for the country in the future under the leadership of PM Modi."
    Ahead of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, the CM also said how people are filled with enthusiasm and they want to make Narendra Modi PM for the third time. "...There is a lot of enthusiasm among the people to make PM Narendra Modi the third time Prime Minister because everyone feels that PM Modi is their family..."
    Dhami also appealed to the people to vote and said that every vote counts and it will play a role in bringing to reality the target of 'Abki baar, 400 paar.' Speaking about various decisions taken during the regime of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Dhami said that in his second term, PM Modi worked towards making the country the fifth biggest economy of the world. "...From 2014, the golden age of India has started and today India is achieving great success. The government has taken important decisions like abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir, freedom from Triple Talaq, Citizenship Amendment Act, inauguration of Ram Mandir..."
    Reacting on BJP's election manifesto, Dhami said that the Sankalp Patra is for the welfare of every section of the society. He said, "The manifesto is a 'sankalp' for 'Viksit Bharat'. The manifesto is for the welfare of every section - be it the youth, women, or poor. It is the guarantee of PM Modi that whenever he presents a 'sankalp' before the country, he fulfils it. UCC has been introduced in Uttarakhand, this was promised in 2022 Sankalp Patra..."
    The BJP released its poll manifesto on Sunday with the tagline " Modi ki Guarantee," with a focus on more development, women's welfare and a roadmap for "Viksit Bharat" (developed India). The manifesto released by the party promised 'One Nation One Election' and "single electoral roll."
    The BJP in its election manifesto has vowed to implement the Uniform Civil Code. The party said that women will not get equal rights until a common legal code is implemented. "Article 44 of the Constitution lists the Uniform Civil Code as one of the Directive Principles of State Policy. BJP believes that there cannot be gender equality till such time Bharat adopts a Uniform Civil code, that protects the rights of all women, and the BJP reiterates its stand to draw a Uniform Civil Code, drawing upon the best traditions and harmonising them with modern times," the BJP said in its manifesto.
    UCC is contemplated as a common set of laws for citizens governing personal matters like marriage, divorce, inheritance, and adoption, irrespective of gender, sex, religion, or caste.
    Notably, Uttarakhand became the first Indian state to implement UCC earlier this year. In its election promise, the party also aims to make the country the third largest economy in the world. The manifesto set the goal of making India a "global manufacturing hub" and was unveiled in the presence of PM Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman and party President JP Nadda.
    The BJP had appointed a manifesto committee headed by Rajnath Singh that met twice to deliberate on its contents after the party had launched multiple exercises, including massive campaigns across the country to seek people's suggestions before the release of the 'Sankalp Patra.'
    The Lok Sabha polls in the country are scheduled to take place from April 19, 2024, to June 1, 2024, to choose the 543 representatives for the 18th Lok Sabha. Around 970 million individuals, out of a total population of 1.44 billion, are eligible to vote. The legislative assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha, and Sikkim will coincide with the general election. Additionally, there will be by-elections for 35 seats across 16 states. —ANI