'Has there been a scam worth thousands of crores?': Priyanka Gandhi questions govt over satellite broadband spectrum

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    March30/ 2024
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    Congress Leader Priyanka Gandhi Raises Concerns Over New Telecom Bill; Questions Satellite Spectrum Allocation & Alleged Scams Involving Electoral Bonds. Parliamentary Procedures & Supreme Court Guidelines Discussed.

    Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi

    New Delhi: Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on Saturday questioned the government over the new Telecom Bill recently passed in the Parliament and wondered whether there was a scam worth thousands of crores in the allocation of satellite broadband spectrum.

    The Congress general secretary alleged that through the new Telecom Bill, the Narendra Modi government has "flouted" the rules and guidelines of the Supreme Court applicable since 2012.

    Why was this done? she asked.

    In a post on X in Hindi, Priyanka Gandhi posed questions for the government.

    "Has there been a scam worth thousands of crores in the allocation of satellite broadband spectrum? Why was the new Telecom Bill passed when 143 opposition MPs were suspended? Is there any connection in this?" she asked.

    Why was the rule of bidding removed in the allocation of internet spectrum from satellite through the new Telecom Bill? Priyanka Gandhi asked.

    "Removing the rule of bidding in allotments prevented other companies from participating in the bidding - how much loss did this cause to the national exchequer?" she asked.

    Who got the first and most benefit from the passing of the new Telecom Bill? she asked.

    "What is the contribution of the Rs 150 crore donation received by BJP from the beneficiary corporate company in the big racket of 'pay donation and take business' that has been exposed in the name of electoral bonds?" she asked.

    Understand the chronology, Priyanka Gandhi said and pointed out that 150 crore donation was given to the BJP, then dismissal of 143 MPs, new telecom bill was passed and then there was allotment of spectrum to donor groups without bidding.

    "When will Modi ji tell the country, is this a coincidence (sanyog) or an experiment (prayog)," she said.

    The Parliament last December passed the bill that seeks to allow the government to temporarily take control of telecom services in the interest of national security, and provide a non-auction route for the allocation of satellite spectrum.