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    'All Workers Are Happy And Doing Well': U'khand Minister After Meeting Rescued Workers From Uttarkashi Tunnel

    Inam Ansari
    November29/ 2023
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    'All Workers Are Happy And Doing Well'

    Uttarkashi: Uttarakhand minister Prem Chand Aggarwal on Wednesday said that all 41 workers who were rescued after 17 days, are happy and doing well now.
    The Uttarakhand Minister Prem Chand Aggarwal visited Chinyalisaur Community Health Centre where the 41 workers are undergoing treatment after their evacuation from the tunnel.
    After meeting the labourers there, the minister while speaking to the reporters said, "All the workers are doing well. They are happy. Following SOPs (Standard operating procedure), they can be shifted to Rishikesh, if required."
    On Tuesday evening, the workers were taken to the community health centre in Chinyalisaur for primary medical treatment. Once their check-up is done, they will go home.
    The men were trapped since November 12 when the part of the tunnel they were helping to construct in Uttarakhand gave way, blocking their only exit with more than 60 meters of broken rock, concrete and twisted metal.
    Of the 41 men, eight are from Uttar Pradesh, 15 are from Jharkhand, two are from Uttarakhand, five are from Bihar, three are from West Bengal, five are from Odisha, two are from Assam, and one is from Himachal Pradesh.
    The first workers were brought out following a series of agonizing setbacks, during which rescue efforts were halted when the heavy drill meant to break through the debris broke down, forcing workers to adopt riskier methods. Vishwajeet Kumar Verma, one of the 41 workers, while recounting the moment when the tunnel caved in on November 12 said they understood that their way to get out of the tunnel was blocked.
    "When the debris fell, we knew that we were stuck. For the first 10-15 hours we faced difficulty. But later, a pipe was put in to provide us with rice, dal and dry fruits. Later a mic was installed and I was able to talk to my family members...I am happy now, will celebrate Diwali now," Vishwajeet said, while speaking to ANI.
    Jharkhand's Subodh Kumar Verma, one of the 41 workers, told ANI the first 24 hours were difficult.
    "The first 24 hours were tough but after that food was provided to us through a pipe. I am absolutely fine and in good health now," Verma said thanking the entire rescue operation. —ANIa