"We are fighting against hatred-filled Asura-shakti," Rahul Gandhi takes on PM Modi

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    March21/ 2024
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    Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's 'Shakti' remark sparks controversy as he claims the party is combating hatred-filled "Asura-shakti".

    Rahul Gandhi

    New Delhi [India]: After Congress leaders' press conference on freezing party accounts ahead of Lok Sabha elections, party leader Rahul Gandhi reiterated his 'Shakti' remark and said that they are fighting against hatred-filled "Asura-shakti."
    "We are fighting against hatred-filled 'Asura-shakti'," the Congress leader told reporters after holding a press conference in the national capital.

    After Rahul Gandhi's 'Shakti' remark stirred controversy, the BJP leaders criticised him for his statement, whereas the Congress rallied behind the Wayanad MP and came in support of him.

    In Mumbai, where the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra recently concluded, Rahul Gandhi said at a rally, "There is a word 'Shakti' in Hinduism. We are fighting against Shakti. The question is, what is Shakti? The soul of the king is in the EVM. This is true. The soul of the king is in the EVM and every institution of the country, in the ED, CBI and Income Tax Department."
    Meanwhile, party's general secretary KC Venugopal said that they are appealing to the people to save democracy.
    "That is why we are going to the people directly. We are appealing to the people. We are appealing to the people to save democracy. Come what may, we will fight it out," he added.

    Rahul Gandhi on Thursday lashed out at the Centre and asserted that there is "no democracy" in India today, alleging that the idea that India is a democracy is a lie.
    Rahul Gandhi asserted that by blocking the accounts of the largest opposition party the BJP had caused great damage to Indian democracy.
    "This is a criminal action on the Congress party, a criminal action done by the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. So, the idea that India is a democracy is a lie. There is no democracy in India today. The idea that India is the world's largest democracy is a lie. A complete lie," he said.
    "20 per cent of India votes for us and we are not able to pay Rs 2 for anything. It has been orchestrated to cripple us in the elections. Even if our bank accounts are unfrozen today, huge amount of debt damage has been done to Indian democracy," he added.
    Addressing a press conference in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi claimed that all Congress' bank accounts have been frozen, the party can do no campaign work, cannot support party workers, and cannot support party candidates.
    "All our bank accounts have been frozen. We can do no campaign work, we cannot support our workers, we cannot support our candidates. This has been done two months before the election campaign. One notice comes from the 90s, another from 6-7 years back. Quantum amount is Rs 14 lakhs and punishment - our entire financial identity. All the institutions are quiet and the Election Commission has not even said anything," he added.

    He further said that the party has already lost a month fighting the IT case and its ability to fight elections has been damaged.
    "This is not the freezing of Congress party's bank accounts; this is the freezing of Indian democracy. As the biggest opposition party, we are unable to take any action - we can't book advertisements or send our leaders anywhere. This is an assault on democracy," he added.
    Rahul Gandhi said that there is an Election Commission in the country but it has not even said anything.
    "What's interesting to me is that there are institutions in this country that are supposed to protect the democratic framework. There is an Election Commission in the country but it has not even said anything; that you have frozen the bank accounts of one of the biggest political parties and largest opposition in the country," he added.
    Earlier on March 8, the Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (ITAT) dismissed the plea moved by the Congress Party which sought a stay against Income Tax Department proceedings of recovery and freezing of their Bank accounts and said the Stay Application is without merit.