"Shehzade of SP-Congress do not see anything before their family": PM Modi

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    May21/ 2024
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    Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a fierce attack on the opposition's INDIA bloc, accusing the 'Shehzade' of Samajwadi Party and Congress of prioritizing personal interests over public service.

    PM Modi

    Prayagraj (UP): Launching a scathing attack on Opposition's INDIA bloc, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that the 'Shehzade' of the Samajwadi Party and Congress prefer to keep their interest paramount than to serve the peopleanything beyond their families.
    Addressing a public meeting here today, PM Modi said that the people of the SP, Congress and INDIA bloc cannot digest the praise of India.
    "The people of the SP-Congress and INDI alliance cannot digest the praise of India. Congress Shehzada goes abroad to abuse India. On what agenda are these INDI alliance candidates fighting the elections? Their agenda is that Article 370 will be imposed again in Kashmir, CAA will be cancelled, and the strict laws made on corruption will be repealed," he said.
    He attacked the INDIA bloc and said that SP-Congress ke Shehzado ko apne parivar kea aage kuch nahi dikhta hai (The prince of SP-Congress prefer to ignore anything before their family).
    "See the example of Kumbh held in Prayagraj. What used to happen during the time of SP-Congress? There used to be a stampede in the crowd. People had to lose their lives. There was chaos everywhere. It happened because they were more worried about their vote bank than Kumbh. There was a competition of appeasement between SP and Congress," PM Modi added.
    Further, the Prime Minister asked that these people who want to destroy Ram Mandir and call Sanatan Dharm as dengue and malaria, will they ever allow Kumbh to be held next year?
    He also asserted that Modi's mantra is development as well as heritage.

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    "The character of SP and Congress is anti-development. During his time there were many problems with electricity in Prayagraj. Today, under Yogi Sarkar, every district is getting equal and adequate electricity. During the SP government, the mafia used to occupy the lands of the poor, now the BJP government is demolishing their illegal palaces and building houses for the poor," PM Modi said.
    Sharpening his attacks on SP-Congress, the Prime Minister said that earlier jobs were given on the basis of caste and bribes.
    "Youth can never forget, how the SP government used to deal with your dreams. Your hard work, your ability, but who got the job? Jobs were given on the basis of caste, those who gave bribes were given jobs. The UP-PSC was made "Parivar Service Commission," PM Modi added.
    Targeting the INDIA bloc, PM Modi said that the boat of INDI alliance is now sinking. They have only one support and that is lies.
    "They are spreading lies about the Constitution. Who tried to change the Constitution by imposing emergency? This Allahabad High Court had put a stop to the dictatorship of Congress. So many years have passed but the character of Congress has not changed. Ambedkar was also against religion based reservation but Congress-SP are preparing to give the reservation votes of Dalits, SC and ST to their vote bank," he said.
    "In Karnataka, Congress has given OBC quota to Muslims. Now they want to do the same thing across the country. But Modi guarantees that I will not allow Dalits, SC and ST reservation to be revoked," he added.