"Congress, its allies destroyed lives of 3-4 generations": PM Modi

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    May21/ 2024
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    He criticized the INDI alliance for having no agenda other than attacking him, targeting Congress leader Rahul Gandhi indirectly.

    PM Modi

    East Champaran (Bihar): Prime Minister Narendra Modi accused the Congress and its allies of "ruining" 60 years of the country and "destroying the lives of three to four generations".
    Addressing a public rally in East Champaran, PM Modi said, "...Congress and its allies together have ruined 60 years of the country and destroyed the lives of 3-4 generations..."
    He also said that these people (INDIA alliance have no other agenda other than "abusing" Modi, taking a dig at Congress leader Rahul Gandhi without taking his name. "Someone is saying that they will dig Modi's grave... Someone is saying that they will bury Modi... The prince of Congress (Rahul Gandhi) wants to see tears in Modi's eyes"
    "Those who are born with a silver spoon do not know what hard work is. I have heard that someone here is saying that after June 4, Modi will have bed rest but I pray to God that there should not be a bed rest in the life of any citizen of the country. Every citizen of the country should be full of energy but what else can be expected from the successor of Jungle Raj? These people have no issue in this election except abusing Modi," PM Modi added.

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    Targeting the INDI alliance, PM Modi said, "The country can no longer be run as per your whims and desires. Modi might be a thorn in the eyes of the people of INDI... But Modi is in the heart of the country... Modi is in every heart!".
    "Bihar has witnessed a period of migration for decades. However, due to the efforts of the NDA government, migration is now stopping. The youth of Bihar are getting employment opportunities here," PM Modi added.
    The next round of voting would be held on May 25.
    The Lok Sabha elections are being held across seven phases, from April 19 to June 1. The counting is scheduled for June 4.