"Has our PM stooped so low as to persecute elderly and ill parents?:" Atishi criticises decision to question Kejriwal's parents

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    May23/ 2024
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    Atishi questioned whether Prime Minister Modi has stooped so low as to target ill and elderly individuals.

    AAP leader and Delhi minister Atishi

    New Delhi: AAP leader and Delhi minister Atishi raised concerns over the scheduled questioning of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal's parents by the Delhi Police on Thursday, in connection with the Swati Maliwal assault case and questioned whether Prime Minister Narendra Modi has "stooped so low" as to persecute elderly and ill parents.
    "Has our PM stooped so low as to persecute elderly and ill parents? I don't think politics in the country has ever sunk this low," Atishi said while addressing the media.

    Speaking out against what she perceives as an egregious overstep in political manoeuvring, Atishi highlighted the delicate health condition of CM Kejriwal's parents.
    "Today, when violence is being inflicted upon the parents of Arvind Kejriwal, and Delhi Police are being called to interrogate his elderly and ailing parents, I believe that all limits have been crossed. CM Arvind Kejriwal's mother is 76 years old and she has been in the hospital for a long time before her arrest. Her condition is such that she can hardly walk and cannot leave her room. His father is 85 years old, unable to walk without support, with impaired vision and hearing. Arvind Kejriwal is a person who himself, as a son, considered every elder in Delhi as his parents, took them on pilgrimages like Shravan Kumar," said Atishi.
    The AAP leader called upon the people of Delhi to respond to what she views as the unjust persecution of CM Kejriwal and his family through their votes.
    "I have full confidence that the people of Delhi will respond to this persecution of Arvind Kejriwal and his elderly and sick parents with their votes," Atishi said.
    "We are waiting for the police to arrive. This is also a matter of concern for us because if elderly and sick parents are being called for interrogation, mentally harassing them, then this is a matter of concern for us as well," she added.
    Sources have however confirmed that the questioning of the Delhi CM's parents and the recording of their statements will not happen on Thursday.
    Meanwhile, Atishi further criticized the Delhi Police's involvement, alleging their alignment with BJP's political agenda and insinuating a conspiracy orchestrated by the ruling party.
    "Delhi police had said that they will interrogate CM Arvind Kejriwal's parents. Everyone knows that the Delhi Police is a political tool of the BJP, working on BJP's orders. The whole incident is a BJP conspiracy, and BJP should also be asked now because deals have been made with Swati Maliwal under which a whole conspiracy has been hatched," Atishi said.
    A case was filed against Bibhav Kumar and a Special Investigation Team (SIT) was formed to investigate the case based on Maliwal's complaint. Bibhav was arrested by the Delhi Police on Sunday, May 19 and is currently in police custody till today.
    Bibhav lodged a counter-complaint against Maliwal accusing her of forced and illegal entry into the CM's entrance.
    The assault case row surfaced days ahead of polling in the national capital which is scheduled to take place on May 25 in the sixth phase.
    Voting in seven Lok Sabha seats in Delhi will be held on May 25. The counting of the votes will be done on June 4. As part of the seat-sharing arrangement, the Congress is contesting three seats while AAP has fielded candidates from four constituencies in Delhi.