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    Expenditure On Armed Forces Is An Investment: General Naravane

    General Naravane
    Sunil Aswal
    April15/ 2022

    Gandhinagar: The expenditure on the armed forces is an investment on which one gets full returns and it should not be seen as a burden on the economy, Chief of Army Staff General M M Naravane said on Wednesday. A nation can survive the shocks that wipe out the share market and leaves thousands of investors bankrupt only when the armed forces of that country are strong, he said addressing a gathering after releasing a book, titled ‘Fifty Years of 1971 War: Accounts from Veterans,’ at the Rashtriya Raksha University. The book is compiled by the university and contains a message by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The book is an outcome of a series of webinars organised at the university and deals with various aspects of the 1971 war. General Naravane’s comments have come at a time when Russia and Ukraine are engaged in a war and there is eastern Ladakh border standoff between the India and China. “Whenever we talk about the armed forces, and whenever we talk about investments and expenditures made for the armed forces, we should see this as an investment — an investment on which you get full returns, and it should not be seen as a burden on the economy,” the Army chief said. He said one has seen how the economy suffers whenever there is a crisis. “The moment there is a war anywhere, whenever there is instability in a region, straightway you can see the impact on the shares, on the stock market,” he said. Surviving such kinds of shock can only happen if the armed forces of the country are strong, he said. While the armed forces play a major part in the security of a nation, other organs of the state play an equally important role, he noted. “All of us are equal players and stakeholders in the safety and security of the nation,” he sa ...

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