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    First of three US military planes to arrive in Egypt with humanitarian aid for Gaza

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    Pankaj Sharma
    November28/ 2023

    Washington, DC [US]: The White House on Tuesday announced that the first humanitarian aid flight facilitated by the US military is set to arrive in Egypt for civilians in Gaza amid the temporary truce between Israel and Hamas. It is worth mentioning that the temporary truce has been extended by two days on Monday. Since Friday, the pause in the deadly fighting in Gaza has allowed for some hostages held by Hamas to be released and for a surge of humanitarian aid to get into Gaza. It is notably going to be the "first of three flights" that are facilitated by the US military to bring medical supplies, food, and winter necessities to prepare for the impending winter in Gaza, The Hill reported. The UN will subsequently distribute these supplies to the civilian population. According to The Hill, a senior administration official told reporters that this is the first of three relief flights that would be "facilitated by the unique capabilities of the US military that will be arriving into North Sinai in Egypt. The next two flights with humanitarian aid "will be coming in the coming days," the official said further. Since the start of the crisis, the United States has sponsored five commercial aircraft that have delivered products into Egypt; however, they are the first flights that are made possible by the military. The military aircraft are en route to Egypt in the midst of Israel and Hamas's two-day extension of their brief ceasefire in Gaza. The cease-fire in the deadly fighting in Gaza that began on Friday has made it possible for a large amount of humanitarian assistance to enter Gaza as well as the release of several captives held by Hamas. Military aircraft carrying supplies are an addition to the 200 or so trucks that travel into Gaz ...

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