Israeli military hits Hamas rocket launch sites in Gaza

    The Hawk
    July2/ 2024
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    Targets included a weapons warehouse, operation control center apartments, and other terrorist infrastructures. These strikes followed precautionary civilian evacuations.

    Israeli military hits Hamas rocket launch sites in Gaza

    Tel Aviv: The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) reported that Israel Air Force fighter jets, in cooperation with the IDF's Southern Command, attacked during the night targets in the area within Gaza from which about 20 rocket launches were carried out last night towards the Israeli towns located near the Gaza Strip. Among the targets that were attacked were a weapons warehouse, apartments used as operations control centers and other terrorist infrastructures.
    Before the attacks, the IDF took precautionary measures and allowed civilians to evacuate the area in order to reduce as much as possible the harm to those not involved.
    "The terrorist organization Hamas systematically violates international law while cynically exploiting the civilian population as a shield for terrorist acts against the State of Israel," said the IDF.