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    Won't respond to speculations but will do whatever party says: Annamalai on contesting LS polls

    The Hawk
    March1/ 2024
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    K Annamalai, Tamil Nadu BJP President, addresses speculation about Lok Sabha polls candidacy, emphasizing party obedience and current responsibilities including a state-wide yatra, while dismissing personal biases within BJP.

    Tamil Nadu BJP President K Annamalai with PM Modi

    Chennai: Tamil Nadu BJP President K Annamalai on Friday termed as 'speculations', him contesting the upcoming Lok Sabha polls but said he will abide by any decision the party takes.

    The former IPS officer said he had no 'personal prejudice or any likes and dislikes in BJP'.

    "Whatever the party tells me I have to obey, that is the nature of the party. Today the party has asked me to complete the state level yatra (En Manna En Makkal) and we have just finished that," he told reporters.

    He said that the BJP has 'given me some responsibility' about the growth of the party in the state and he was doing that.

    Apparently referring to the upcoming Lok Sabha contest, he said, "Tomorrow morning if the party tells me do that, I will do that."

    "I am not going to respond to speculations. Whatever our senior national leadership decides my duty is to obey and make sure it is implemented on the ground," the state BJP chief added.