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    Uncertainties galore over funds to implement ISRO-suggested measures to eliminate ragging in JU

    The Hawk
    September10/ 2023
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    Kolkata: Though Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) recommended some crucial technological measures involving artificial intelligence (AI) to eliminate events of ragging within the campus of Kolkata’s iconic Jadavpur University (JU), uncertainties continue to galore over the funds required for implementing those ISR0-suggested measures.

    JU insiders said that since the JU has no major avenue for generating its own revenue apart from the fees from the students, which is very nominal, it will be difficult to implement the ISRO-suggested measures unless either the West Bengal government or the Union government provides funds for that purpose.

    It is learnt that the interim vice chancellor of JU, Buddhadeb Sau has decided to first approach the state government for the funds. “In case the state government expresses its inability to provide for that fund, the university authorities will approach the Union government for the same and in case of the second option, mediation and intervention of the Governor C.V. Ananda Bose might be sought,” a JU insider said. 

    In fact, it was because of the insistence of the Governor that a team from ISRO visited the JU campus recently and examined the possibilities of how ragging can be prevented within the university campus. The Governor’s intervention came amid after the ragging-related death of a JU fresher on August 10.

    The visiting team of ISRO suggested that the events of ragging within the campus can be controlled to a great extent by using technologies like video analytics, and target fixing among others. The ISRO team also agreed with the university authorities that technology should have to be used in such a manner that it suits the ambience of the campus of a university of such a great repute.