Two killed in latest Russian drone attack on Ukraine

    The Hawk
    March15/ 2024
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    Russia Intensifies Air Strikes with Drone Attacks on Ukraine, Killing Two and Damaging Civilian Infrastructure Amid a Broad Defense by Kyiv's Air Force.

    Russia's attack on Ukraine, Rescue Operation

    Kyiv: Two people were killed after Russia unleashed its second overnight mass drone attack on Ukraine in two days, authorities in Ukraine said on Friday.

    Kyiv's air force said all 27 Iranian-made drones had been shot down by air defences over seven regions across the country, including around the capital.

    Two people were killed in the central Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia when a residential building was damaged in the strike, according to the regional governor.

    The air force also said Russian forces had fired eight missiles in eastern and central Ukraine, but offered no further details.

    Friday's attack follows a overnight drone strike on Thursday during which Russian forces targeted civilian infrastructure in northeastern Ukraine.

    That attack knocked out television and radio signals in five cities and towns, in an apparent attempt to cut people off from information, officials in Kyiv said.

    Russia has carried out regular air strikes on population centres far behind the lines of its two-year-old invasion of Ukraine.