Two Hamas leaders killed in Gaza air strikes including anti-tank missile operative

    The Hawk
    May22/ 2024
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    The strike, executed with Shin Bet intelligence, highlights the serious threat posed by anti-tank missiles compared to rockets.

    Two Hamas leaders killed in Gaza air strikes

    Tel Aviv: Ahmed Yasser al-Kara, who was described as a "key" figure in the terrorist organization Hamas' anti-tank missile operation and who led attacks and terrorist plots against the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) during the war in Gaza, was killed in Khan Yunis in an IDF air strike.
    The strike was carried out with the intelligence aid of the Shin Bet (Israel's anti-terror General Security Services).
    Anti-tank missiles are a more serious threat to IDF units than rockets as they can be guided toward their targets and have more explosive power.
    In addition, Israel Air Force fighter jets, under the direction of the IDF Southern Command and the Intelligence Wing, eliminated five Hamas terrorists who were operating from the Fahmi Algerjaoui school compound in the Darj Tuffah area in the northern Gaza Strip.
    Among the terrorists who were killed in the attack was Fadi Salim, head of the information system in Hamas' Gaza division.
    Along with him, three terrorists in the organization's intelligence system and another Nakhaba terrorist were killed.
    "This is another example of the cynical and obvious use that Hamas makes of civilian spaces and facilities while using the Gaza population as a human shield," said the IDF.