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    To Be Now: BJPite

    Soumitra Bose
    February14/ 2024
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    Kamal Nath

    To Be Now: BJPite...After dilly-dalling, vacillating, see-sawing, posing-to-be-in-dilemma for long putting up a false facade to consistently misguide the Congress high command even while maintaining direct tacit contact with the BJP High Command to save himself, his entire (even far-fetched) kith-kin from the ED, CBI, IB, RA&W, etc, he finally sees No choice, no alternative, no way out escaping from IT, CBI, ED, RA&W, IB, + ..? These applicable to "over joyous, exaggeratedly boisterous, mighty adventurous, omniscent" Kamal Nath. He has reportedly knuckled to the ruling BJP, Narendra Modi...Even, ShivRaj Singh Chauhan, Uma Bharti etc making himself an inherent butt of sky-high guffaws belittling him to the maximum bv at the same time, taking him in to their fold as "poor second fiddle". As for Kamal Nath, he is widely said / rumoured to be consistently / persistently / doggedly telling his "stuck" thus, 24x7 tense kith-'n'-kin to be cool as nothing untoware will happen to them, "he being now a ruling clique-member having 24x7 100% +Ve blessings of The Pradhan Sevak per se...Thus, To Be Now, BJPite is resounding success for him, observe many. 

    —Soumitra Bose