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    Sheikh Shajahan Makes Bengal "National"

    Soumitra Bose
    March6/ 2024
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    Sheikh Shajahan

    Sheikh Shajahan Makes "Comparatively Lowly Known", "Politically Light Weight" West Bengal "100% (Inter)National" From "By The Way Or Incidentally Or Casually Put..." almost over night so much so that the Central Home Ministry now is forced to "analyse" him through-'n'-through to know how come he unobtrusively "rules" Sandeshkhali etc "with the overt tacit help, patronage" of the Trinamul Congress Party-maker Mamata Banerjee, her "1-man all powerful army + Lok Sabha MP + 'all purpose nephew' Abhishek Banerjee. It is being openly alleged that Shajahan remained in "lair" for over a month despite numerous all-level hunt for him, he remained conveniently elusive amid massive hue and cry on his "raping women, looting people, usurping their land, behaving like all powerful mafiosi et al" but meekly out-of-blues surrendered just the day before the Pradhan Mantri Narendra Modi air dashed to that state, delivered a "factual lecture on apalling misgovernance in West Bengal that if all is consistently resulting in malgovernance, break down of lam and order, unsafe women, all round non-developments etc in the state, already far backward compared to the rest of the country and showing no sign of any change or any slightest sign of any improvement"...Couple it all with 'further worsening factors like Sheikh Shajahan...Imagine, funnily, after this, the TMC suspended Shajahan from the party for six years...Sheikh Shahajahan Instantly Makes West Bengal "National" From "itsy bitsy status". 

    —Soumitra Bose