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    Sandhya Ushers In 'Ujala' In Kerala

    April20/ 2022
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    New Delhi (The Hawk): Sandhya ushers in ujala in Kerala. How? By being the first woman DGP of Kerala.

    For poets, journalists, writers, novelists, she is an additional boon. How? She has numerous of them published in her name.

    They all are printed and sold like hot cakes, yummy puddings.

    Big boost to those belonging to those categories. Especially at a time when there is an all round outcry from these quarters that readership has waned as the masses are en masse hooked to visual media thereby waning reading resulting in "no takers for them".

    Sandhya has disproved them rather, proved them wrong. She is evincing if the writings are 'true', 'original', 'appealing', 'sensible', there is no dearth of readers for them. Rather, those published works become bestsellers in their own right may even break all previous best selling records relating to books, proses, novels, poems as in her case/s.

    As for her (she is PhD from BITS, Pilani) IPS record, she

    has some daring policing records including solving 'rape' cases.

    IPSship apart, she is 'inspiration' for many journalists, writers, poets, litterateurs, creative personalities who are thoroughly disillusioned because they feel, in the present governance plus existing system because of that "creativity" is a sheer passe.

    She has disproved evincing "creativity" knows no barrier. If it is really creative and original, people of all hues willingly lap it up spontaneously and remain hooked to it all.

    Like her literary works for instance.

    Kerala-readers indeed are pretty much hooked to her writings. They even anxiously wait for her "next" publication eagerly.

    Now the Keralites will actively see her as police-boss in the state.

    Great feat, they say.

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