Rescued: Sri Lankan Fishermen Freed from Suspected Somali Pirate Abduction

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    January29/ 2024
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    In a triumphant turn of events, all six Sri Lankan fishermen, victims of a suspected Somali pirate abduction, have been safely rescued. The daring operation, executed by Seychelles Security Forces with Sri Lanka Navy intervention, culminated in the surrender of three armed individuals.

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    Colombo: All six Sri Lankan fishermen who were reportedly abducted by suspected pirates week have been successfully rescued, according to a spokesperson, from the navy. As reported on Monday by the crew members of the vessel named 'Lorenzo Putha 4' are currently being accompanied to Seychelles capital city.

    The rescue operation was carried out by the security forces of Seychelles with support from the Sri Lanka Navy. During the operation it was mentioned in the report that three members of the group willingly surrendered to Seychelles Security Forces.

    The fishing trawler Lorenzo Putha 4 set sail on its journey from Dikowita fishing harbor in Sri Lanka on January 12. The crew consisted of six fishermen from Marawila and Chilaw with three of them being family members.

    According to Gayan Wickremasuriya, spokesperson for Sri Lanka Navy on Saturday UNs central maritime command was informed about the capture of these six fishermen and their trawler by pirates. The incident took place 840 miles southeast of Mogadishu. On Sunday Wickremasuriya also mentioned that India has reportedly pledged assistance in the rescue efforts.

    However specific details regarding involvement, in this rescue operation were not mentioned in the report provided by
    Shortly after Colombo made an announcement, about joining a US led mission to protect merchant ships sailing in the Red Sea from attacks, by rebels based in Yemen the abduction incident took place.

    —Input from Agencies