Recent Weather Changes Bring Relief To Pithoragarh Region

    Inam Ansari
    April24/ 2024
    Last Updated:

    Himalayas saw unexpected snowfall

    Pithoragarh (The Hawk): In the last two days, Pithoragarh and its neighboring areas, Dharchula and Munsiyari, have experienced significant weather changes. Amidst the ongoing heatwaves affecting the plains, the higher regions of the Himalayas saw unexpected snowfall, providing much-needed relief from the heat in lower areas through rain.
    Local reports from Monday indicate that the day started with sunshine across the district headquarters and surrounding locales. However, by the afternoon, conditions shifted dramatically as the sky filled with clouds, leading to heavy rainfall accompanied by thunder starting around 4 PM. This sudden downpour prompted shoppers in the market to hurry back to their homes. The snowfall in the high-altitude villages of the Vyas and Darma valleys has introduced a chill in the air, much to the delight of tourists enjoying continuous snowfall in these regions. "Strong winds have been persistent since Tuesday morning, and snowfall has been ongoing in the villages of the Darma and Vyas valleys since the afternoon," commented Hitesh Dataal, a homestay operator from the village of Dantu. He noted that 14 villages in the Darma area have been experiencing snowfall since noon.
    Visitors to the iconic Panchachuli peaks found themselves reveling in the snowy conditions. Lakhan Nabiyal, a resident of Nabi in the Vyas Valley, remarked on the significant drop in temperature, saying, "The cold has increased noticeably due to snowfall in all seven villages of the Vyas Valley."
    Additionally, the recent weather has also brought relief to the local forest department, grappling with forest fires throughout the frontier district. "The rain has not only controlled the fire to some extent but also cleared up the fog that had been pervading the atmosphere," a forest department official reported.
    Snowfall was recorded in the high peaks of Munsiyari, including Panchachuli, Hansling, Rajrambha, and Chiplakedar, while lower regions experienced rainfall, easing the conditions and reducing the risk of further fires.