Obama gives nod to Black Keys, and maybe a White House invite

    April20/ 2022
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    Washington: Garage rockers The Black Keys may have won themselves an invitation to play the White House after President Barack Obama declared himself a fan of the duo. While answering questions Wednesday on Twitter, Obama was asked about his music selections and replied he was listening to The Black Keys` 2011 hit "Lonely Boy" and classic hip-hop duo Outkast`s track "Liberation." The Black Keys replied online by asking if they could use Air Force One for their shows, to which Obama made his own offer. "It`s not mine; just a loaner," Obama said of the presidential plane. "Maybe you can come play at the White House sometime instead?" Intentionally or not, Obama praised The Black Keys on the same day that he flew -- via Air Force One -- to Nashville, where the duo is based. The Black Keys -- consisting of frontman Dan Auerbach and drummer Patrick Carney -- are originally from Akron, Ohio and have built a strong fan base over the past decade with hard-edged but blues-rooted guitar rock. Obama`s other musical selection may carry a larger message, as Outkast`s "Liberation" is a call to "shake that load off" and overcome hatred as well as the burden of expectations. A White House gig is not out of the question. Obama last month welcomed hundreds of guests to a concert by Prince and Stevie Wonder, according to attendees. The White House did not reveal any details about that concert, saying that it was a private event paid by Obama. AFP

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