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    New Congress C/o Rahul Gandhi

    Soumitra Bose
    April8/ 2024
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    Exploring the Congress Party's transformative journey under Rahul Gandhi's leadership amidst internal dissent and legacy challenges.

    Rahul Gandhi

    New Congress C/o Rahul Gandhi: Ongoing practically refurbished, revamped Congress C/o Rahul Gandhi is being unliked, intolerated by many at all levels in the party, thus, they are leaving the party --- it has made them multi / mega riches for many generations with no qualms of even an minutest blotch of any kind whatsoever --- for obvious reasons to save their "crocodile-like impenetrable skin, so far unscathed, untouched, uncared for by the "indifferent" Congress High Command freely allowing 'them' to let the accusations stick to the Nehru-Gandhi including Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi et al when they've'n out of power since 1989 Parliament election results' declaration. That is, they are out of power for 35 years. In these three and a half decades, many non-Gandhi entities have been in power, their charisma more or less unexplored, thanks to the pioneering Bofors --- mid-'80s --- that takes all post-1989 ghapla under its wrap eliciting Congress is corrupt thanks to Nehru-Gandhis. But factually, its the non-Gandhis, non-Nehrus who are administering Bharat now and so since 1989, as in 1977-79, 1989-1991, Atal Behari Vajpayee-Government et al + now. What account of that, unassumingly ask many in many a party virtually stunned. They argue, when the governance-rules are same as then, how can there be no corruption? Yes in the current governance, there is no allegation levelled as yet but...the but factor remains, say many. To eliminate such "rumours", start on a clean slate post-2024 Lok Sabha poll results, Rahul Gandhi is overhauling, refurbising, remodelling, rekindling the Congress, making it all-round tailor-made for a new type of all people-benefitting-governance in the country, courtesy obviously, Rahul Gandhi.