Neeti Mohan takes standing ovation to new heights in ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’

    The Hawk
    September10/ 2023
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    Mumbai: Singer and judge of ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ Neeti Mohan has found a new way to express her admiration for the contestants in the singing reality show. 

    ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ features Himesh Reshammiya, Neeti, Anu Malik as judges, and Aditya Narayan as the host.

    Every judge does something different and unique to express that they love a particular performance. 

    Anu Malik has been known for his classic comment ‘Aag Laga Di’, Himesh for his iconic dialogue ‘Jai Mata Di, Let’s Rock’, and now, this season, Neeti has decided to give standing ovations with a difference to her favourite performances by literally standing on top of the judge’s chair and clapping.

    In the mega audition episode, contestants Sonia and Vijay Laxmi gave a spellbinding performance to the songs "Hari Om Hari" and "Gulaabo", which resonated with the audience and prompted Neeti to give them a standing ovation in her distinctive style.

    Standing on the top of the chair, Neeti said: “That was my comment.”

    The show has started off on a melodious note with contestants from across the country auditioning to get a position in the Top 12 of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa 2023, a few captivated the judges with their distinct voices and passion for singing.

    Earlier, talking to IANS, Neeti had shared the points she keeps in mind for judging a contestant.

    “When I am listening to somebody, I am absolutely listening to them with an open mind, because they all bring something from where they come from- their roots, training, the kind of music they have heard. So if somebody's voice touches my heart, then they have won me. If you have something that is very 'you' about, your individuality is very important for me. And that makes you unique," she said.

    Neeti went on: "If you sound like someone, and you have only heard that one voice, and you just want to sound like that one voice, I think then we have to guide them to listen to more singers, different kinds of music, so that you are able to do more kinds of music. It's important, otherwise you will just have that one style, which might not take you very far in this career."

    About her association with the show, the 43-year-old singer had said: "This was the show I watched when I was a little girl, who was just watching and learning. So it is an iconic show and it gives me immense privilege to be on a show like sa re ga ma which inspires millions to make their career in music."

    "Last year judging kids was so amazing, the kind of talent we had was very promising. Their future's so bright. We had a blast with Shankar Mahadevan and Anu Malik. Judging seniors is very different, because they bring a lot of expertise and training in their voice, but I think it's amazing to hear new voices. I love it," she added.

    The show airs on Zee TV.