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    Modi's World's Largest Family

    Soumitra Bose
    March5/ 2024
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    Modi's World's Largest Family: Bharat Varsha and its 200+ Cr Bharatiya. Yes, it is the world's largest family, all under Modi-umbrella. They all are C/o + of Bharat, for Bharat, by Bharat whose sole maaleek is Narendra Modi, stolid, bold, enervating, 'relentlessly onward' 24x7...Seeing him competently protecting / guarding the 200+ Cr denizens equally with no partisan or any sort of even an iota of biased approach, the world's leaders literally are stupefied, stunned, startled and are in deep quandary seriously wondering how he manages to 'protect' 200+ Cr people of acute diversities equally without any hitch of any kind...Unbelievable but true to the core: Modi's World's Largest Family!

    —Soumitra Bose