Modi's guarantee that the corrupt will go to jail: PM

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    April11/ 2024
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    Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasizes a strong stance against corruption, rallying for a 'Viksit Bharat' in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, amidst opposition's "I.N.D.I. alliance" challenge and promises a future of development and accountability.

    PM Narendra Modi

    Jaipur: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday asserted that the corrupt will have to go to jail and that he would not be deterred by any threats.

    Addressing a rally in Rajasthan's Karauli ahead of the Lok Sabha polls, Modi said strict action is being taken against the corrupt not only in the state but across the country.

    This is why the opposition has formed the "I.N.D.I. alliance" against him, he said.

    "On one side there is Modi, who says remove corruption. On the other side are those who say save the corrupt. All these people who have set out to save the corrupt listen carefully, no matter how many threats you give to Modi, the corrupt will have to go to jail. This is Modi's guarantee," he said.

    Modi said the 2024 Lok Sabha elections are not about who will become an MP and who will not. "This election is about giving a new energy to the resolve of 'Viksit Bharat'," he said.

    Hitting out at the Congress, Modi said the party raised the slogan of 'Gareebi Hatao' for decades but it was he who worked to bring 25 crore people out of poverty.

    The Congress, which is steeped in nepotism and corruption, seeks profit in people's compulsions. It found opportunities to loot even in jobs for the youth and a paper leak industry flourished under the patronage of its erstwhile government in Rajasthan, the PM said.

    Modi said every moment of his life is dedicated to the country.

    "Every moment in your name, every moment in the name of the country and that is why I say, 24X7 for 2047," he said.

    "Modi was not born to rest or have fun. Modi works hard because Modi has very big goals connected to the people of the country," he said.