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    Lampooning At Its Best

    Soumitra Bose
    February13/ 2024
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    Sharad Pawar

    Lampooning At Its Best: Cadaverous, "Dry" Skeleton-like is P (Not, P for Pee) or Pawar Sharad but mighty "erect", "stolid", "Non-Erroneous", "on bull's eye", "consummate hitter / striker / shotter / slotter", "100% achiever", "don't-cover-the-face-fire-the-base-achiever", "courage exemplifying amply", "nothing shady", "no nincompoop", "Chanakya-like",...New Pawar. Move out, old haggard, sloth-ish, rickety, ramshackled, near-end Pawar, still trying to be the "final word" in king-making or government-making or self-making...EC or Election Commission mustering all "guts", "gumption", "authority at its full command", "power with it", has dutifully struck the Damocle's Sword on him, his refusal-to-be-nonagenarian+, "enter mud for all times to come", by officially pronouncing sextuagenarian Pawar's NCP as the real NCP not the "entering-mud-Pawar's NCP". Hail EC. Thus, Lampooning At Its Best...EOM

    —Soumitra Bose