L.K. Advani to Receive Bharat Ratna, India's Highest Civilian Award

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    February3/ 2024
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    Prime Minister Modi Honors L.K. Advani with Bharat Ratna for Monumental Contributions to India's Development. A Journey from Grassroots to Deputy Prime Minister, Advani's Political Ethics and Ideological Impact Recognized.

    PM Modi and LK Advani

    New Delhi: Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi made an announcement that L.K. Advani, a veteran leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and former Deputy Prime Minister will be honored with the prestigious Bharat Ratna. This esteemed award is the civilian honor in our country and recognizes Advanis immense contribution to Indias progress.

    Prime Minister Modi described Advani as one of the respected statesmen of our time emphasizing his journey from grassroots work to serving as Deputy Prime Minister. The announcement has stirred emotions for the Prime Minister, who expressed deep admiration for Advanis decades long service characterized by transparency, integrity and a commitment to political ethics.

    Modi remarked that Advani Jis unwavering dedication to unity and cultural revival is unparalleled. He added that it has been a privilege for him to have opportunities to interact with and learn from this esteemed leader.

    The Prime Minister also acknowledged Advanis parliamentary interventions, valuable insights and credited him with shaping the fundamental ideology of the BJP. This recognition comes at a time when the party commemorates the establishment of the Ram temple—a symbol of an issue that was brought into consciousness by Advani through his 'Ram Rath Yatra', in 1990.
    Month the government awarded the prestigious Bharat Ratna to the late socialist leader Karpoori Thakur. Political analysts perceive this gesture as a move by the BJP to foster closer connections with the socioeconomically disadvantaged groups. Conversely Advanis acknowledgment is regarded as a tribute to his contribution, in shaping the partys ideology, which has effectively influenced Indias political scenario during Modis leadership.

    —Input from Agencies