IndiGo and Mumbai Airport Fined a Total of Rs 1.80 Crore for Passengers Dining on Tarmac

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    January17/ 2024
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    IndiGo and Mumbai Airport face hefty fines totaling Rs 1.80 crore from BCAS and DGCA over an incident where passengers, following a prolonged Goa-Delhi flight delay, opted to dine on the tarmac at Mumbai Airport.

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    New Delhi: In response to the incident where passengers were found eating on the airport tarmac after a diverted Goa-Delhi flight, the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) imposed fines totaling Rs 1.80 crore on IndiGo and Mumbai International Airport Ltd (MIAL). The penalties, amounting to Rs 1.20 crore for IndiGo and Rs 60 lakh for MIAL, were issued by the aviation security regulator.

    The situation unfolded when numerous passengers disembarked from an IndiGo aircraft at Mumbai Airport, opting to sit on the tarmac and even enjoying meals there following a prolonged delay on a Sunday. The BCAS, in its orders, revealed that IndiGo and MIAL were not proactive in anticipating the circumstances and failed to make appropriate facilitation arrangements for the passengers at the airport.

    In addition to the BCAS fines, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has imposed an additional penalty of Rs 30 lakh on MIAL concerning the same incident. This enforcement underscores the significance of proactive measures and adequate facilitation to ensure passenger comfort and safety during unforeseen delays and diversions.