Hamas issues ceasefire proposal to mediators which includes exchanging hostages

    The Hawk
    March15/ 2024
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    Hamas proposes a Gaza ceasefire, initiating with the release of Israeli hostages for Palestinian prisoners.

    Al-Aqsa compound, Jerusalem

    Dubai: Hamas has presented a Gaza ceasefire proposal to mediators which includes a first stage of releasing Israeli women, children, elderly, and the ill hostages in exchange for the release of 700-1000 Palestinian prisoners, according to a proposal seen by Reuters.

    The releases would include 100 Palestinian prisoners serving life sentences in Israeli prisons and the release of Israeli "female recruits."

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    Hamas said it would agree on a date for a permanent ceasefire after the initial exchange of hostages and prisoners, according to the proposal.

    A deadline for an Israeli withdrawal from Gaza would be agreed upon after the first stage, Hamas said in its proposal.

    The Palestinian Islamist militant group said all detainees from both sides would be released in a second stage of the plan.