German police ban pro-Palestinian group, raid properties

    The Hawk
    May16/ 2024
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    German authorities have banned the pro-Palestinian group, Palestine Solidarity Duisburg, due to its alleged support for Hamas and antisemitic activities.

    pro-Palestinian demonstration in Germany

    Berlin: German authorities banned a pro-Palestinian group on Thursday for its alleged support of Hamas and police raided properties to confiscate devices and documents, the interior minister of North-Rhine Westphalia said.

    Herbert Reul said the group, Palestine Solidarity Duisburg, had repeatedly propagated "its anti-Israeli and antisemitic worldview, at meetings and on social media channels".

    Some 50 police officers searched the properties in the northwestern state, confiscating laptops, cash, cell phones and documents, he said in a statement.

    Palestine Solidarity Duisburg was not immediately available for comment.

    The group had been known to the authorities since May 2023, the minister said. It organised a rally in front of German arms maker Rheinmetall's headquarters, protesting the delivery of weapons to Israel, which is fighting Hamas in Gaza.

    The German government last year imposed a complete ban on the activities of Palestinian militant group Hamas, already a designated terrorist organisation in the country.

    North-Rhine Westphalia's Office for the Protection of the Constitution recommended the ban on Palestine Solidarity Duisburg, Reul said.