Ensure Your FasTag's Compliance: Update KYC before January 31 Deadline

    The Hawk
    January16/ 2024
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    Stay compliant with the NHAI's 'One Vehicle, One Fastag' initiative by updating your FasTag KYC before January 31. Avoid blacklisting, adhere to RBI guidelines, and contribute to smoother toll plaza experiences for all National Highway users.

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    New Delhi: As the National Highways Authority of India's 'One Vehicle, One Fastag' initiative gears up for implementation, it's crucial to take action now to avoid potential blacklisting of your FasTag after January 31, 2024. The Indian Highway Management Company has set the deadline for updating Know Your Customer (KYC) details, and failure to do so may result in banks blacklisting and deactivating your FasTag.

    The initiative was prompted by reports of multiple FASTags being issued for a single vehicle and issuance of FASTags without proper KYC, a violation of the Reserve Bank of India's mandate. Additionally, some users neglect to affix FASTags to their vehicle windshields, causing delays at toll plazas and inconveniencing fellow National Highway users, according to a release from the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways quoted by the Press Information Bureau (PIB).

    To prevent the blacklisting of your FasTags, follow these steps:

    1. Visit and locate the Log In box at the top of the page. Use your mobile number to generate a One Time Password or enter your registered cell number and password to log in.

    2. Once on the homepage, go to the 'My Profile' section in the top left corner. Here, you can check the current status of your FasTag and verify if the KYC is updated.

    3. Navigate to the 'My Profile' page and click on the 'KYC' sub-section next to the 'Profile' section. A window displaying 'Customer Type' will appear, providing further instructions to update the required fields.

    4. Fill in the boxes on the following page based on the details in your address proofs, and submit a passport-sized photo. Attach your address proofs and valid identity proofs as required.

    5. Confirm the authenticity of the details and documents on the next page. Keep in mind to have the necessary documents with you, including:

    a. KYC documents based on your vehicle's category.
    b. Registration certificate of the vehicle for KYC update on your FasTag.
    c. Driver's license and documents like PAN and Aadhar card.

    The PIB release emphasizes that FASTag users must adhere to the 'One Vehicle, One FASTag' policy and discard any previously issued FASTags through their respective banks. After January 31, 2024, only the latest FASTag account will remain active, and earlier tags will be deactivated or blacklisted. For further assistance or queries, FASTag users can contact the nearest toll plazas or the toll-free customer care number provided by their respective issuer banks.

    —Input from Agencies