CPI promises to bring ED and CBI under purview of Parliament in its manifesto

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    April6/ 2024
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    CPI unveils 2024 Lok Sabha Election manifesto, promising oversight of central agencies by Parliament, tax reforms for equality, immediate women's reservation, abolition of CAA, increase in MGNREGA wages, scrapping Agnipath Scheme, and revamping education policies for a more secular, democratic, and egalitarian society.

    CPI leader D Raja releasing party's manifesto

    New Delhi: The Communist Party of India (CPI) General Secretary D Raja along with party colleagues released a manifesto for the 2024 Lok Sabha election and promised that the CPI aims to bring central investigative agencies like the ED and CBI under the purview of Parliament to ensure impartiality in their probe and to avoid interference and abuse by the Executive.
    Speaking at the press conference after releasing the party manifesto, D Raja said that the CPI will fight to promote the ideals of liberty, equality, fraternity, justice, secularism, socialism and federalism among the people.

    "CPI will introduce measures to address growing inequality and expand the resource base of our country with taxation measures like Wealth tax, Inheritance tax and increased corporate tax to keep the nature of our economy more equal, just and egalitarian" the party promised in Manifesto.
    The party also promised in its manifesto that party will continue to fight politically and legally to remove the arbitrary cap of 50 per cent on reservations.
    "CPI will strive to implement women's reservation immediately by removing the clause relating to delimitation and census," party added.
    "The CPI will strive for the stalled exercise of the National Census. To formulate appropriate policy measures for the socially and educationally backward sections, caste census will be undertaken" the party manifesto said.

    The party election manifesto stated that CPI would work for abolition of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act.
    "CPI will continue its struggle for a minimum wage of INR 700 under MGNREGA and increasing the available work days to 200 in a calendar year" manifesto added.
    The CPI manifesto also stated that the party will raise the demand of scrapping the contractual and derogatory Agnipath Scheme with its demeaning service conditions, betraying the youth of our country and promising complete restoration of the Old Pension Scheme.
    The party further stated that CPI will intensify its struggle for the abolition of the Governor's Office to strengthen federalism by removing the Union's interference. Elected governments in States should be empowered to take major policy decisions, like entrance examinations to subjects in the State List.
    "The party will strive to remove executive interference in the appointments of CEC and ECS to ensure the independence of the Election Commission of India," the manifesto said.
    CPI in the election manifesto also said that NITI Aayog will be dismantled and the Planning Commission will be reinstated to formulate scientific policies for our country.

    "It will scrap all irrational and communal changes brought by the BJP in NCERT and other text-books.New Education Policy (NEP) will be scrapped and replaced with a pro-people model of education for the entire country," it said.
    "All measures taken by the BJP to centralise, commercialise and communalise education will be rolled back," it added.
    The CPI appeals to the electorate to exercise their right to vote for a secular, democratic, pro-people alternative, for strengthening the CPI in the elections.
    "The people of our country had unitedly defeated the British Raj, now it is time that we unitedly defeat the RSS-BJP Raj to save the nation, our Constitution, democracy and livelihoods," the party said.