Congress ki nazar aapki sampatti, mangal sutra par hai: PM Modi lambasts party's "Maoist thinking"

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    April22/ 2024
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    Modi's remarks fuel political controversy as Congress denies redistribution claims, highlighting ongoing debates ahead of the Uttar Pradesh Lok Sabha elections.

    Narendra Modi Aligarh

    Aligarh (UP): Prime Minister Narendra Modi alleged that Congress has set its 'eyes' on people's hard-earned wealth, property and 'mangalsutra' of women, and plans to seize and redistribute it.
    Comparing the thinking of the Congress party with that of "Maoists", PM Modi said that those possessing two properties, will see one of them getting seized by the Congress and the INDIA bloc, if they come to power.

    Addressing a public meeting in Aligarh on Monday, PM Modi said, "I want to warn the countrymen. Congress and the INDI alliance now have set their eyes on your (people's) earnings and your property. The 'Shehzada' of Congress says that if their government comes to power, they will investigate who earns how much, who has how many properties, how much money, how many houses. They will investigate all of it. Not just that, the government will seize all these properties and then distribute it."
    The matter pertains to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's statement, who recently spoke about the need to conduct a survey for more equitable distribution of the country's wealth, which erupted into a political row.

    The Congress party later clarified that it didn't mention "redistribution" in its manifesto and nor did Rahul Gandhi promise to redistribute the nation's wealth. Party leader Jairam Ramesh alleged that Gandhi's words were "misquoted" and asserted that the party favours a "comprehensive socio-economic caste census."
    Emphasising the value of gold and 'mangalsutra' in a women's life, the Prime Minister said that the Congress party wants to survey the salary, investments and properties owned by the public and then seize them.

    "Our mothers and sisters have gold. This is not just for wearing on occasions, this is 'stree dhan', it is considered sacred, even the law also protects it. Now they are eyeing to change the law and seize the property of our mothers and sisters. (Congress ki nazar aapki sampatti aur mangalsutar par hai) They have their eyes on the 'Mangalsutra' of women. Their intention is to steal the gold of mothers and sisters," PM Modi said.
    "The working population...who have invested in FD for the education and marriage of their children. People's salary will be investigated, whether people have one or two vehicles, that will also be investigated...and then Congress will grab their properties," he added.

    He further said Congress and the INDIA bloc want to implement the same "Maoist" ideas here which have already ruined many countries. The Prime Minister further alleged that Congress would seize one of the two houses owned by people and give it to those who don't have it.
    "If you have an old ancestor's home in the village and you have a small flat in your city for the future of your children. If they got to know, they would take away one of the two...saying 'you don't need two, those who don't have it, let them have it'. This is Maoist (Maovadi) thinking, this is the thinking of communists. By doing this they (Communists) have already ruined many countries. Now the Congress Party and INDI alliance want to implement this same policy in India. Congress wants to put its 'panja' (claw) on people's hard-earned wealth. It wants to loot the 'Stree Dhan'," PM Modi said.
    Earlier on Sunday, PM Modi fiercely denounced manifesto of Congress during a rally in Rajasthan's Banswara and said that the Congress party has plans to redistribute gold and hard-earned money to "illegal immigrants" and "those having more children" while asking people whether this is acceptable to them or not.
    Aligarh Lok Sabha seat will go to polls in the second phase on April 26 along with Gautam Buddha Nagar, Meerut, Baghpat, Ghaziabad, Aligarh, Mathura and Bulandshahr seats in Uttar Pradesh.
    Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in the country, contributes 80 MPs to the 543- member Parliament.