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    Atishi witnesses historic moon landing with Delhi govt school students

    Inam Ansari
    August23/ 2023
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    Moon landing with Delhi govt school students

    New Delhi: Delhi Education Minister Atishi on Wednesday witnessed the Chandrayaan-3 successfully soft landing on the moon along with the students at the Government Sarvodaya Vidyalaya (Kautilya in Chirag Enclave.

    On this occasion, Atishi spoke with the students on India’s remarkable strides made in the field of space exploration.

    "This day signifies an extraordinary milestone for India. Chandrayaan-3's successful moon landing underscores our scientists’ unwavering commitment to pushing scientific boundaries. This exceptional accomplishment will undoubtedly serve as an inspiration for generations to come, igniting a passion for innovation and exploration within our youth.”

    She added that India's journey, spanning from the first satellite Aryabhata to Chandrayaan-3, signifies a remarkable accomplishment.

    "The significance of today's achievement will serve as a wellspring of inspiration for the youth and the generations to come. It will kindle a deep-seated passion for science within them and evoke a sense of fascination," she said.

    During the live broadcast, the students were filled with joy and excitement as the lander touched the moon's surface. Their exuberant cheers resonated through the school premises, encapsulating the collective pride of the nation.

    Atishi also emphasised the importance of this accomplishment and its profound influence on India's scientific domain, saying: "Today our students have witnessed the history being made. This achievement will ignite in them the aspiration to envision grand and inventive prospects for India's future. This particular event shows that investment in education and research always takes the country on the path of progress." —IANS