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    Adoption scheme opens in Etawah lion safari

    April20/ 2022
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    Etawah (UP): The Etawah lion safari has launched an 'Adopt an Animal' scheme in which individuals and corporates can adopt an Asiatic lion, leopard, bear and deer by paying for all expenses incurred on their food and upkeep.

    Safari director Rajiv Mishra said funds generated through this scheme would be used by the safari authorities for buying food and medicines and other related expenses for the adopted animals.

    Those willing to adopt these animals will, however, have to complete certain criteria drawn by the safari authorities.

    "The people adopting animals will get publicity and their names will be displayed on the enclosure, besides adoption certificates. They will also get free entry to the safari along with several other facilities," Mishra said.

    The adoption fee for Asiatic lions is Rs 4.1 lakh, for leopards Rs 55,000, for bears Rs 60,000 and antelope Rs 50,000 per annum.

    According to the safari director, an individual can adopt animals for one year.

    "If we get a good response, we will extend the adoption period. Those who are willing to adopt safari animals can file an application addressing senior safari authorities," he said.

    The officer further said that currently, the safari houses 20 Asiatic lions, including two newly born cubs, seven leopards, three bears, 135 antelopes.

    Safari sources said that at present, the state government is incurring expenses of Rs 70 lakh on Asiatic lions, Rs 9 lakh on leopards, Rs 5 lakh on bears and Rs 40 lakh on antelopes.


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