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    Aah! What Relief

    Soumitra Bose
    March17/ 2024
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    Aah! What Relief! Hay, Ho, Hi Ya All, I'm back to being comfy, snuggy, winnable 100% with he re-contesting from "weird", "gauche", "forsaken", "incongruous", "primitive" Wayanad, leaving Amethi wide open again for me (to fool around therein stupefying the utterly gullible folklore there, totally cut off from the rest of the country, confined they being in to their respective hamlets, most of them grossly all-round under developed despite a lot of Amethi's "+" development-statistics totally packed with facts and figures). Now my turn again to make Amethi, Paris-matching + New York infiltrated therein to show Amethi as 'aaj ka Americo-Europe'. I'm mighty enthralled, fully vigorated to serve Amethi again in full swing. I want to be synonymous with Amethi so that the masses of all hues literally 'vibe with me' vis-a-vis Amethi...