80-year-old Chinese joins Islamic State, says Muslims face oppression in China

    April20/ 2022
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    Beijing: The Islamic State in its latest video has shown how an elderly man, aged 80 left China along with his family to fight alongside the extremists in Syria. According to a Daily Mail report, the octogenarian man named Muhammed Amin appears in an ISIS video shot in a Syria school, where he explains how he �was subjected to oppression in Turkestan (Xinjiang) at the hands of the Chinese... for 60 years�. 'I made hijrah (religious journey) accompanied by my four grandsons, my daughter and my wife,' the Daily Mail quotes the old man speaking in the video. The ISIS video also shows some scenes where children in schools are shown chatting 'martyrdom' and issuing a warning to the Chinese. The man says he left China for Syria after seeing a video of his jihadi son being killed in Syria. Dressed in fatigues and brandishing an AK-47, 80-year-old Amin adds that Muslims have been facing oppression in China. 'I came to Islamic State and went to training camp despite my old age...I went to training camp and I crawled, I ran and I rolled. I did almost everything and ended training camp well,� said Amin. However, despite the training he was not allowed to participate in battle. Amin, who is said to have been a member of the minority Muslim Uighur in Xinjiang, says he was an imam. Chinese officials have earlier confirmed that Muslims from Xinjiang were travelling to Syria and Iraq to join ISIS.

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