603 Out Of 818 Universities Have Conducted Exams Or Are Planning To Conduct Them: UGC

    April20/ 2022
    Last Updated:

    New Delhi: University Grants Commission (UGC) has informed that 603 out of 818 universities have either conducted examinations or are planning to conduct them.

    "Universities were approached to inform the status of the conduct of the examination. Response received from 818 Universities (121 Deemed Universities, 291 Private Universities, 51 Central Universities and 355 State Universities). Out of the 818 Universities, 603 Universities have either conducted the examination or are planning to conduct," the UGC said.

    On July 6, the UGC had issued revised guidelines to educational institutions across the country for conducting terminal semester and final year examinations.

    UGC informed that 209 universities have already conducted examination (on-line/off-line) and 394 are planning to conduct examination (on-line/off-line/blended mode) in August/September.

    "In case of 35 Universities (27 Private Universities, 07 State Universities, 1 Deemed University), the first batch is yet to become eligible for the final examination," the Commission said. (ANI)

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