3 civilians, 2 terrorists killed in Jerusalem shooting

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    November30/ 2023
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    Jerusalem Bus Station Attack: Hamas-Linked Shooting Incident Amid Gaza Truce Extension Leaves Five Dead, Unsettling Fragile Ceasefire.

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    Tel Aviv: Amid the ongoing truce in Gaza, three civilians and two terrorists were killed in a shooting incident carried out by Hamas operatives at a bus station in Jerusalem on Thursday, authorities said.

    According to Israel's emergency services the MDA, the victims included a 24 year-old woman and a man in his 70s.

    The police said that two attackers opened fire at people waiting at the bus station in the outskirts of Jerusalem during the morning rush hour.

    The two suspects were later neutralised by wo off-duty soldiers and a civilian, the police said.

    Meanwhile, the two suspects have been identified as brothers Murad Namr (38) and Ibrahim Namr(30) from East Jerusalem.

    Israel's National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gavir said the shooters were Hamas militants operatives.

    "These are apparently Hamas operatives, who speak here with two voices, one voice of a so-called cease-fire and a second voice of terror," Gavir told reporters.

    The development came just hours after Israel and Hamas agreed to extend the humanitarian truce in Gaza for a seventh day, just minutes before it was set to expire on Thursday.