'Violation of airspace': Pakistan recalls ambassador from Tehran, bars Iranian envoy from returning to post

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    January17/ 2024
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    Diplomatic Crisis: Pakistan Recalls Ambassador, Bars Return of Iran's Envoy Amidst Unprecedented Airspace Violation. Sovereignty Breach Sparks Tensions, Two Children Killed.

    Flags of Pakistan and Iran

    Islamabad: Pakistan on Wednesday said it will recall its ambassador in Tehran after Iran violated its airspace, the Pakistani foreign ministry said.

    Pakistan will also not allow Iran's envoy in Islamabad, who is visiting his home country, to return, the ministry's spokesperson said in a statement.

    She said the violation was an unprovoked and blatant breach of Pakistan's sovereignty and was "unacceptable".

    "Pakistan reserves the right to respond to this illegal act," she said.

    Pakistan said the incident resulted in the death of two children.

    Iranian state media said on Tuesday that its missiles targeted two bases of militant group Jaish al Adl, which has mounted attacks on Iranian security forces in the border area of the two neighbours.

    —Input fron Agencies