"Video distored by BJP, no intention to insult anyone" Randeep Surjewala on remarks against BJP MP Hema Malini

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    April4/ 2024
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    Congress leader Randeep Surjewala clarifies his remarks about BJP's Hema Malini amidst allegations of misogyny, accusing BJP's IT cell of distorting his comments to deflect from government failures.

    Congress leader Randeep Surjewala

    New Delhi: After facing a backlash from the leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party over his alleged objectionable statement against BJP MP Hema Malini, Congress leader Randeep Surjewala on Thursday clarified that he never intended to insult or hurt the actor-politician.
    Surjewala's clarification comes after BJP's IT department head Amit Malviya shared an undated video on X and accused the Congress MP of making some objectionable remarks about Hema Malini.

    "Congress MP Randeep Surjewala makes a vile sexist comment, that is demeaning and derogatory, not just for Hema Malini, who is an accomplished individual, but women in general. He asks, 'Why do we make MLA? So that they can raise their voice, and get our views accepted. Is there any Hema Malini who is made to lick?' Who thinks of women as something to lick? That is the most disgusting description someone can come up with. Just the other day, Surjewala's colleague was asking the 'rate' of another BJP woman leader, and now this... This is Rahul Gandhi's Congress. It is misogynistic and abhors women," Malviya posted on X.
    Referring to this, Surjewala said that the video posted by the BJP leader has been edited, distorted and shared to distract the country from the Modi government's anti-youth, anti-farmer, anti-poor policies and its conspiracy to destroy the Constitution of India.

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    "BJP's IT Cell has developed a habit of editing, distorting and spreading fake news so that it can distract the country from the Modi government's anti-youth, anti-farmer, anti-poor policies and failures and its conspiracy to destroy the Constitution of India," he said.
    "Listen to the full video - I said, "We also respect Hema Malini a lot because she is married to Dharmendra ji and is our daughter-in-law," the Congress leader added.
    Hitting out at the BJP-led central government, Surjewala said, "BJP's anti-women pawns were ordered to cut this video, but these same pawns never asked the Prime Minister why he - Why was it said "Girlfriend worth Rs 50 crores" in Himachal? Why was a woman MP called "Shurpanakha" in the Parliament? Why was a woman CM trolled in such a vulgar manner? Is it correct to say "Congress's widow"? Is it right to call the top leadership of Congress a "Jersey cow"? My statement was only that in public life, everyone should be accountable to the people, be it Nayab Saini Ji, Khattar Ji, or myself. Everyone rises or falls based on their work; the public is supreme and they have to use their discretion in making their choice."
    "Neither did I intend to insult Hema Malini ji nor to hurt anyone. That is why I clearly said that we respect Hema Malini ji and she is our daughter-in-law. BJP itself is anti-women, that is why it sees and understands everything through an anti-women lens and spreads lies as per its convenience," the Congress leader added.

    Meanwhile, coming down heavily on Surjewala over his objectional statement against Hema Malini, BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla said that the only identity of the Congress is disrespecting the 'nari shakti'.
    "Nari Shakti Apmaan is the Congress's only Penchan. And this has been yet again proved by cruel, crude, disgusting, misogynist and sexist statements by Surjewala, and those statements cannot even be repeated what he has said for Hema Malini ji. So this kind of approach of Congress which is against women is very common, from UCC, and Shah Bano to triple talaq. What action will they take against Surjewala? It shows the mindset of the congress, and nari shakti will definitely punish them in this election for the kind of mindset they have shown," Poonawala said.