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    "True nationalists are Congressmen...BJP never took part in freedom struggle": Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah

    The Hawk
    February21/ 2024
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    Siddaramaiah criticizes BJP's role in freedom movement, highlights Congress' contributions. Karnataka's Budget Session discussions on nationalist ideologies.

    Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

    Bengaluru: Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Wednesday took a jibe at the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for its participation in the country's freedom struggle stating that unlike members of Congress who are true nationalists the "BJP and Jan Sangh never took part in the independence movement."
    Replying to the debate on the Governor's speech in Legislative Council, Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said, "Are those who fought for the freedom of the country, who went to jail are not nationalists? Those who did not participate in the freedom struggle are not nationalists?"

    Explaining the role of Congress in the freedom movement in detail, Siddaramaiah said that there is no history available for BJP in its fight for the country's independence.

    "There is no history of freedom struggle for the BJP. There is no history of them fighting for the country. After the country got freedom from our struggle, now they are claiming to be nationalists. But the history of India has recorded who are the real nationalists," he said.
    While the chief minister was detailing the record and achievements of the Congress in the country's freedom struggle and nation building in the Parishad, JDS member Boje Gowda tried to intervene.
    Reacting to the intervention by the member, Chief Minister said, "Boje Gowda, if you are secular, come here. If you are communal, stay there."
    On P Puttanna taking oath as member of Vidhan Parishad after defeating the BJP-JDS coalition, Chief Minister praised the Congress leader and said "Sir, you have won eight times. No one can match your record at present."
    Karnataka's Budget Session commenced on February 12 with the address by Governor Thawar Chand Gehlot.