"No change in leadership, PM Modi will continue to lead country ": Amit Shah slams Kejriwal's remarks

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    May11/ 2024
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    Union Home Minister Amit Shah confirms Prime Minister Narendra Modi's continuation in leadership, dispelling rumors of retirement and succession within the BJP, amidst political challenges from the INDI alliance and scrutiny by Arvind Kejriwal.

    Amit Shah

    Hyderabad: Asserting that there is no confusion in the BJP over the party's leadership, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday said that there will be no change in leadership, adding that Prime Minister Narendra Modi will complete his third term and will continue leading the party and country.
    The remarks of the Home Minister came after Arvind Kejriwal questioned fulfillment of the "Modi's guarantee" as he pointed out a possibility of PM Modi's retirement as he will turn 75 in September this year.
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    "The people of this country, be it from East, West, North, South or Northeast, they are standing with Modi. All the leaders of the INDI alliance know that we are going to cross 400 seats and Modi ji will become the PM of this country for the third time, that is why they are spreading this type of misconception. I want to clarify that there is no such provision in BJP's constitution and Modi ji will lead the country till 2029 and Modi ji will also lead the coming elections. There is no good news for INDI alliance...They cannot win elections by spreading such lies..."
    When asked about Kejriwal's statement that Amit Shah will become PM if the BJP wins, Amit Shah said that there is no confusion within the BJP regarding the leadership and that PM Modi will continue to lead the country in the future.

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    "I want to say this to Arvind Kejriwal and company and INDI alliance that nothing as such is mentioned in the BJP's constitution. PM Modi is only going to complete this tenure and PM Modi will continue to lead the country in the future. There is no confusion in BJP," Shah said while addressing a press conference in Telangana's Hyderabad on Saturday.
    Earlier in the day, Kejriwal, while addressing his first press conference after he got interim bail from Supreme Court in excise policy case, said, "These people ask the INDIA alliance who will be their Prime Minister. I ask BJP who will be your Prime Minister? PM Modi is turning 75, on September 17. He made a rule that leaders in the party would retire after 75 years."
    Referring to BJP veterans who retired from office at the age of 75 years, Kejriwal said, "LK Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, Sumitra Mahajan, and Yashwant Sinha were retired and now PM Modi is going to retire on September 17. If their government is formed, they will first dispose of Yogi Adityanath and then make Amit Shah the Prime Minister of the country. PM Modi is asking for votes for Amit Shah. Will Amit Shah fulfil Modi's guarantee?.