"I kind of want to say be the best you": Kylie Minogue's advice for every women

    The Hawk
    March8/ 2024
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    Kylie Minogue inspires at the Billboard Women in Music Awards, sharing timeless advice and celebrating her icon award. Reflecting on her latest hit "Padam Padam" and album "Tension," Minogue emphasizes authenticity and the joy of her multigenerational appeal.

    Kylie Minogue

    Washington [US]: Australian singer-songwriter and actor Kylie Minogue who has put out some of her biggest released in recent months said that her only advice to women everywhere was that "there is one of you," reported 'People' magazine.
    "I've yet to put that in a song, but I would love to. In every yesterday and every tomorrow, there's just you," the 55-year-old Australian singer said on the the red carpet at the Billboard Women in Music Awards.

    "We spend so much time trying to better ourselves or judge ourselves or whatever. I kind of want to say be the best you, but also you don't have to be the best all the time, just be you," the pop sensation said.
    Minogue who was also the recipient of the coveted icon award said, "Just from being here tonight, there are hills and valleys and trying to always keep the middle ground."
    She added, "Do you at all different stages of your life."

    According to People, Minogue took to social media platform X to thank Billboard for the "amazing moment."
    "So honoured to bring this beautiful memory (and crystal dream) home. Tonight (and the last few days for that matter) have been just Beyond! My love and thanks to all!!!!!"
    Minogue's icon award comes as a cherry on top of a busy few months since she released "Padam Padam," one of the summer's singles, and her 16th studio album, Tension, which was her highest-charting album on the Billboard 200 chart in almost a decade. "I'm just enjoying the ride," she told People about her current triumph.
    Regardless of the method, Minogue said of her renewed fame, "It's been a lifetime of work. There's a lot of people, lots of love, ups and downs and everything in between. I think I love it more than I've ever loved it."
    Her intention with Tension was just to "better what I've done before," and the rest of it is just a "bonus."
    "To have this moment where it feels like it was meant to be, but it wasn't something that I was aiming for, feels so refreshing and amazing to, once again, like in the '80s, have this multigenerational moment. It's truly beautiful and heartwarming, reported People.