"I grew up washing cup plates, serving tea; relationship between Modi and 'Chai' is deep": PM Modi in Mirzapur

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    May26/ 2024
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    He criticized the Samajwadi Party (SP) and its leader Akhilesh Yadav for nepotism and communal policies, recalling how the SP government favored mafia elements and proposed unconstitutional reservations for Muslims.

    PM Modi

    Mirzapur (Uttar Pradesh): Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that he grew up washing cup plates and serving tea, adding that the relationship between Modi and tea is very deep.

    "I grew up washing cups and plates as a child. I have grown up serving tea. The relationship between Modi and tea is also very deep," PM Modi said while addressing a rally here today.

    "No one wants to waste their vote on Samajwadi Party. No one will vote for someone who is drowning. The common man will vote only for the one whose government is certain to be formed. The country has come to know the people of the INDI alliance very well. These people are deeply communal. These people are extreme casteists. These people are extreme familyists. Whenever their government is formed, these people take decisions on this basis," he added.

    Slamming the SP chief Akhilesh Yadav, the Prime Minister said that there are so many promising people in the Yadav community but he (Akhilesh) gave tickets only to his family members.

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    "These SP people used to release even those terrorists who were caught. The SP government used to suspend any police officer who was reluctant in this. They had made the entire UP and Purvanchal a haven for the mafia. Be it life or land, no one knew when it would be snatched away and in the SP government, the mafia was also seen as a vote bank," PM Modi said.

    He further asserted that CM Yogi is carrying forward the 'Swachhta Abhiyan' very bravely. The public was at the mercy of the SP government but now the mafia is trembling in the BJP government.

    "The sacred Constitution of our country is also on their (INDI alliance) target. They want to loot the reservation of SC-ST-OBC. Our Constitution clearly says that there cannot be reservation based on religion. Samajwadi Party had released its manifesto during the Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections in 2012. Then SP had said in its manifesto, just as Dalits and backward classes have got the reservation, similarly, Muslims will also be given reservation," he added.

    "SP had said that it would even change the Constitution for this. SP had announced that 15 per cent reservation will be given to Muslims in police and PAC also. How these people were bent on snatching away the rights of SC-ST-OBC to please their vote bank," the Prime Minister said in Mirzapur.

    PM Modi also emphasized that he is dedicated to the poor, Dalits and backward people.