"Foreign countries are manipulating Sikhs to turn against India...": It is foreign countries' conspiracy

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    October7/ 2023
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    A Sikh restaurant owner based in London

    New Delhi [India]: A Sikh restaurant owner based in London, Harman Singh Kapoor who has been receiving continuous threats and suffered attacks by Khalistani extremists, said on Saturday that as India is growing now, some foreign countries are manipulating Sikhs to turn against India.
    "Some people do not like the fact that India has been growing. Foreign countries are manipulating Sikhs to turn against India so that India diverts its attention towards these issues and doesn't prosper. It is foreign countries' conspiracy...," he said.

    Last week, Harman's car was allegedly vandalised by the extremists in West London. A video posted on X by Insightuk2, which describes itself as a social movement of British Hindus and Indians, claimed that some unidentified assailants allegedly opened fire at the car of Harman Singh Kapoor.
    He emphasised that he has been living in the UK for 26 years and "Khalistan movement has been active in the UK in the last 1.5 years."
    Harman posted a video on this issue which went viral. "For over 9 months, I have been getting threats and there have been attacks on me as well because I told the truth in that video," he noted.
    He further added that the Khalistani extremists attacked his restaurant. "They attacked my restaurant, it's okay, but they should not have come to my home. Now either I will live, or they will live."
    Harman in an exclusive interview, told ANI that the terrorists who came to attack him were dressed as Sikhs.
    "The people who came to attack me dressed themselves as Sikhs. My wife and my daughter said that we should fight this as they are defaming Sikhs, Hindus and India. We know that Sikhs never attack vulnerable people and we have to fight for our faith and our country" he added.
    He emphasised, "I want this fight to end."
    Harman complained about the negligence of UK officials after he reported the incident to the police station.
    He said, "No actions were taken by the officials, they only recorded my complaint. Police are not arresting them, the Khalistanis are roaming free. Khalistanis have support from the Police. Khalistanis are their political assets there. If a countryman is attacked, the accused should be arrested but in my case, these Khalistanis were not arrested by Police."

    He further urged UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to take command and "help people like us."
    "Take action now," Harman stressed.
    Moreover, he urged the Indian government to pressure the UK government to save Indian-origin people.
    "Put pressure, don't sign deals with the UK, unless they do rightful things to save Indian-origin people living in the UK," he said.
    Harman's wife Khushi Kapoor further explained the situation stating that she had been living a great life for 23 years with her family before all this happened.
    Lauding PM Narendra Modi's government, she said, "Since he became the PM, everyone is proud of PM Modi. He changed everything in India in the last 9 years. Years ago, India had to ask other countries before taking action, but now, those countries are taking advice from India."
    Khushi further emphasized, "We won't die at the hands of Khalistani."
    On September 30, following the attack on Harman's car, a UK-based journalist and researcher, Charlotte Littlewood, in a post shared on X, claimed that the attack on Kapoor's family was ongoing."
    "The attack on Harman Singh Kapoor and his family is ongoing. They are awaiting police as Khalistani extremists are thought to have shot at their vehicle in London. As feared the Canada row has emboldened extremists - we will see more of this," her post read.
    Earlier in the day, she also questioned the decision to remove the panic alarm from the car of the family amid the diplomatic fallout of Canada's claim of an Indian hand in the killing of Sikh separatist leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar.
    "At this heightened time of threat following the India-Canada row. Where the Khalistani extremists are threatening India High commissions in the West and assassinating Indian officials in India. How was the decision made to remove their panic alarm? (sic)," her post added.
    Harman said his wife and his daughter even received several rape threats. "Our address was put online with calls to rape and kill them. Videos of miscreants licking the pictures of my wife and daughter were posted as well," he added, according to Bitter Winter, a magazine on religious liberty and human rights.