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    Fake News On Social Media Is Distributing Poison In Society

    Fake News
    Sunil Aswal
    April20/ 2022

    Priyanka 'Saurabh' Fake news is news, stories, or hoaxes that are deliberately created to give false information or deceive readers. Typically, these stories are created to either influence public opinion, advance political agendas, or create confusion and are often for the benefit of online publishers. Fake video of the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots fueled communal sentiments. Social media has disturbed politics and forced people to disconnect from their immediate surroundings. Our political discourse has declined because of social media, where "hot tech" and memes have replaced serious engagement. Misinformation and disinformation spread in the media is becoming a serious social challenge. This is creating a toxic environment on web portals and leading to street riots and lynchings. In the age of the Internet (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter) this is a serious problem as rumors, morphed images, click-baits, inspiring stories, unverified information, and stories planted for different interests are easily spread among 350 million internet users in India. has been There are many examples of online rumors in which innocent people have been murdered. In some cases, ministers have deleted tweets after realizing the fake news shared earlier. Fake news has also been used to cheat illiterate people financially. Example- Chit fund schemes have created a web of frauds online through spam emails. Fake news has eroded people's confidence in social, print, and electronic media and affected the benefits of media. The current response to fake news mainly revolves around three aspects – denial, removal of fake news, and educating the public. It is rarely seen that fake news is dismissed by pointing out errors like malicious editing and misrepresentation. B ...

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